Chirrups and Chatter's mission is To strengthen the bond between cats and humans through education and behavior modification, reducing occurrences of re-homing and euthanasia.


Chirrups and Chatter offers comprehensive behavior solutions, education for preventing behavioral issues from starting, as well as basic cat training and kitten socialization. We use science-based training methods that include positive reinforcement, counter-conditioning, and desensitization. These methods are fun for you and your cat and work to strengthen the cat-human bond. 

Taking the initiative to seek advice is the first step to a better relationship with your feline friend(s). Because you care so much about your cat(s) and other household members, behavioral concerns can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. We will work closely with you, your family, and your cat(s) to bring balance and harmony back into your home. 

Whether you are concerned about your cats behavior or want help on how to handle a situation before a problem develops, Chirrups and Chatter is here to help. 

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