About ME

Tabitha Kucera has been a registered veterinary technician for over seven years and she has worked with a number of local feline rescue organizations. Her work in these fields shed light on repeated occurrences of cat euthanasia and re-homing due to behavioral issues. She quickly became dedicated to learning about the root causes and permanent solutions to feline behavior concerns. Keeping cats in their loving homes is her utmost goal – this reduces euthanasia as well as displacement of cats from their homes, where cats often end up in stressful shelter environments. Helping people better understand and relate to their cat leads to a stronger bond and a more gratifying relationship between cat and human.

 She is also passionate about reducing the fear, anxiety, and stress cats and their owners often experience with veterinary visits, handling, travel, and medical procedures. She is Fear Free Level 3 and Low Stress Handling certified. She currently lectures to the general public, shelters, and veterinary professionals about making veterinary visits less stressful for both clients and patients and feline behavior She is fluent on topics such as feline communication, community cats, feline friendly handling, and more. 

Education, Certifications, and Organizations:

  • Registered Veterinary Technician, Stautzenberger college

  • Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants 

  • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

  • Low Stress Handling Certified, Low Stress Handling University

  • Fear Free Level 3 Certified, Fear Free

  • Alley Cats Allies, Feral Friends Network ,Member

  • Pet Professional Guild, Cat Committee, Co-Chair

  • Together Initiative for Ohio's Community Cats, Board Member

  • Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians , President