To get started, please fill our the Behavior Consult Form found under the services menu or here and email it to me at

Note: Package prices are for one cat.  For each additional cat, add $15.

Cat Behavior In-Home Consultation - $200.00

Home Consultations generally take 90 to 120 minutes and include:

  • One in-home assessment that includes an extensive interview, a tour of the home to assess problem areas, and demonstrations of recommended behavior modifications.

  • Immediate advice on working with the problem behavior(s)

  • A personalized environmental and behavior modification plan

  • One 30-minute follow-up call two weeks after in-home assessment

  • Follow up support via email for two months following the consultation


These are recommended for households with multiple behavior issues and/or when addressing intercat aggression.

  • Additional in-home visits - $80.00 per hour after the initial in-home consultation package

  • Additional Follow-up Consult Support Services

    • One 60-minute call - $30.00

    • One month of email support - $35.00

Prepare and Prevent Package - $115.00

If you would like to ensure that your cat has the best home you can provide and/or if you would
like to learn more about how to give your cat the essential physical and mental stimulation they
need, this package is for you. It is designed to keep your cat happy and help prevent behavioral
problems from occurring.

  • One in-home assessment

  • A tour of the home

  • A personalized preparation plan, environmental modification and enrichment plan for your cat(s)

  • One 30-minute follow-up call two weeks after the assessment

  • Two months of emails support

Kitten Socialization Package - $115.00

Kitten socialization is vital for your cat to live a happy and healthy life. Well socialized cats
are more likely to be outgoing and social like the average dog and are actually better able to deal
with the regular stressors of life-such as your changes in schedule, additions of new
members to the household or visitors, and/or moving to a new home. Better coping skills
means they are much less likely to get stressed, have behavioral problems, and are better
able to integrate into a family and interact in a more loving, social way.
Set your kitten up for success with this package.

  • One in-home assessment

  • An introduction to cat training

  • Kitten socialization checklist

  • One 30-minute follow-up call

  • One month of email support

Cat Training Package - $200.00

There are many benefits to clicker training your cat including helping your cat be more
confident and comfortable in all situations, encouraging creativity and initiative, and helps
strengthen the bond between you and your cat. With this package, I will teach you how to
use a clicker to communicate with your cat in a way they can relate to, which in turn will allow you to teach them fun and
helpful behaviors and tricks.

  • Training tools, including a clicker and a treat pouch

  • Three in-home private lessons

  • Training guide

  • One month email support following the last lesson

Happy veterinary visits - $115.00

Does your cat run from the carrier or hide at the vet? Does your cat become aggressive after veterinary visits?  Many cat parents have anxiety about their cats going to the veterinarian due to the stress and fear their cats experience not only at the vet but traveling to the veterinarian, so much anxiety in fact that we (consciously or subconsciously) avoid doing it. We are here to tell you we understand and want to work with you to help make veterinary visits less stressful including travel much easier on both of you. 
As a member of the family, your cat deserves the very best possible care. Cats are both prey and predator animals, so they are very good at hiding their pain and illness and to ensure the best care for your cat, veterinary visits are needed to help prevent and treat medical issues. 

  • Carrier training

  • An introduction to cat training

  • Working with your veterinarian to help create a plan to limit your cat(s) fear, anxiety, and stress

  • A personalized preparation and travel plan to reduce your cat(s) fear, anxiety, and stress

Service Areas: Cuyahoga and Lake County in Ohio

Cost per mile outside of service area: can be discussed when scheduling consultation

Classes and Webinars:

The cost of these classes varies depending on the location and the number of attendees.

To get started, please fill our the Behavior Consult Form found under the services menu or here and email it to me at

Note: Package prices are for one cat.  For each additional cat, add $15.

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