"Two enthusiastic thumbs up!  Any cat owner would be well advised to schedule a consult with Tabitha.  No matter how astute a cat owner you may be, there is something you can learn from her to improve your furkids' lives with you.  I would especially recommend this for multiple cat households.  We have six cats (and now a kitten), and Tabitha gave us a ton of great tips to improve their relationships.  Our cats benefited and yours will too!"

- Liz Drust Khrenovsky


"I wanted to thank Chirrups and Chatter for all of the guidance with helping my boys handle our recent move with as little stress as possible. I was really concerned about how my cats would handle adjusting to their new home, especially since several are special needs and stress easily. However, with Tabitha’s guidance we are making great strides and they have adjusted better than I could have imagined! Starting with the playing of Through A Cats Ear in a warm car during travel, to the set up of blankets that smelled like Home and places to hide in their “safe haven” home, and arguable most importantly, the reminder that they each deserve the choice to explore and adjust on their own terms. Tabitha’s guidance greatly helped all of our adjustment periods to finding our ‘new normal’. I am happy to say that every kitty, even my most shy, are now exploring for several hours a day. We are doing lots of treat training sessions to keep our minds busy, enjoying bird watching through our backyard windows and emphasizing that Feliway is our best friend! I know that the skills with Tabitha has taught us will help with vet visits and other changes to their normal outside of this move. I look forward to continuing to learn and thank Chirrups and Chatter for all of their guidance!"

- Shelby Walchanowicz

"Tabitha gave great pointers on how to positively introduce a new kitten to my household and had awesome ideas for DIY puzzle feeders to help keep him enriched while I was at work. Her talks about both fear free/low stress handling for veterinary visits and about cat behavior in general are also very informative. I always manage to learn something new from her to better my understanding of my own cats’ behavior. I can understand why my cat reacts to something a certain way. I can then make steps to change an undesired behavior without just getting endlessly frustrated, placing more stress on my cat."

- Liz Waynick, RVT

“As both a Registered Veterinary Technician and a pet parent, Tabitha has provided me with valuable information and support. I work with a Veterinary Oncologist and we are very hands on with our cancer patients. I have been able to get advice from Tabitha that helps keep my patients calm and comfortable during chemotherapy treatments, while making my job much easier. When my own cat was diagnosed with renal failure, I was upset and not thinking logically. Tabitha was a big comfort to me and reminded me of easy changes I could make at home so I could provide subcutaneous fluid treatments, while keeping my cat happy! Tabitha’s knowledge and compassion are a huge asset to the veterinary community and our clients. But be careful, her passion is contagious!”

- Kelley G, RVT

"Tabitha is one of the most knowledgeable and compassionate people I know when it comes to helping cats!  Her techniques allow for cats to experience less stress, which in turn makes for happier cats and happier people that interact with them.  Our rescue turns to her when we need help with issues regarding shelter or in-home behavior problems, questions about handling “difficult” cats and feline education opportunities.  She always has the kitty’s best interest in mind, and it’s easy to see her passion for helping animals in everything she does!!"

- Michelle Wheadon, Tails from the City

"Tabitha is passionate, motivated, enthusiastic and caring. Her ability to handle cats and knowledge of cat behavior is an asset to our veterinary community and I would not hesitate to recommend her services."

- Debra Kotloff  VMD