To Get started, please fill our the Behavior Consult Form found under the Services menu or here and email it to me at


Taking the initiative to seek advice is the first step to a better relationship with your feline friend(s). Because you care so much about your cat(s) and other household members, behavioral concerns can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. I will work closely with you, your family, and your cat(s) to bring balance and harmony back into your home.


To schedule an in-home consultation, fill out the behavior questionnaire. Please complete these with as much detail as possible. Sometimes, it is helpful to have information from more than one household member since different people may have different experiences and interactions with the cat(s).

Once submitted, I will contact you within 3 days to schedule an in-home consultation.* If you aren’t sure which service package is best for you and your cat, we can discuss the situation and decide together.

Next steps:

At the scheduled consultation time, I will come to your home to meet you and your cat(s). At the beginning of the appointment, we will review the questionnaire(s) and discuss your concerns at length. I will assess your cat’s environment and their behavior.

I will develop a customized behavior and environmental modification plan, which we will discuss during the consultation. You will also receive this in writing, via email, within 3 business days.

How to achieve the best results:

Changing behavior takes time, patience, and persistence. I will provide you and other household members with actions steps (“homework”) and environmental modifications (such as relocating the litter box).

I will provide you with the required on-going support you and your cat need. Once you receive your customized plan, we will schedule a follow-up call (or a 2 nd in-home consultation if deemed appropriate). During the follow-up/support portion of your plan, it can be very helpful to provide photos and videos of any progress or relapses.

I will be your guide through any potential rough patches along the way. The cat-human bond is vital for sustaining a happy household and my promise to you is my utmost commitment of providing the tools and support for the best success!

*Because some behaviors can be the result of a medical issue, please note that I may require a veterinary exam before we will schedule the in-home consultation, especially in the case of litter box avoidance or sudden-onset aggression.

To Get started, please fill our the Behavior Consult Form found under the Services menu or here and email it to me at