Veterinary support services

All services will be performed by a fear free and low stress handling certified registered veterinary technician. If you have a cat who is sensitive or fears having general care, such as getting their nails trimmed or ears cleaned, Chirrups and Chatter can help!  Through counterconditioning, desensitization, fear free and low stress handling, your cat can learn to enjoy these basic maintenance needs and procedures. 

Please call or email for more information about our services and prices. Since every situation is unique, prices will vary based on length of time that is needed to care for your cat properly.

  • 440-525-6577

Chirrups and Chatter will provide professional, low-stress, compassionate, and individualized care in the comfort of your home!

At home care lessons:  Learn to do-it-yourself!  Learn the proper medical techniques to care for your loving pet at home.
Nursing Care and Medication/ Injection(s):   Administration as prescribed by your veterinarian.  Includes a variety of nursing practices to help care and heal your animal in the comfort of their home! Prices vary based upon service 

Routine Maintenance nail trim/Ear/ Eye Cleaning:  Clean your pet's ears/ eyes with cleaner provided by your veterinarian.  Applied as prescribed by your veterinarian.  

Subcutaneous Fluid Administration:  Must be prescribed by veterinarian. 

Blood Glucose Check:   Check your pet's blood glucose in the comfort of their home!  Reducing stress will help achieve more accurate results and promote better management of your pet's diabetes.  For previously diagnosed diabetics only.  Results will be reported to your veterinarian and they will contact your regarding any changes in dosage.  

Service area includes all homes within 10 miles of zip code 44092

* Holiday rates apply.  Please email for more information and availability.
* Nursing care is only performed as recommended by a licensed veterinarian.  Chirrups and Chatter does not diagnose or prescribe medications.  Referrals are available for your regular veterinarian to complete and return.  Our mission is to work together with your veterinarian to offer your pet the best care.